Furniture For A Clutter-Free Family Room

The family room is where you and the rest of your household gather for movie nights, game nights, or just general relaxation. However, kids' toys, books, and other clutter can build up quickly. The wrong furniture can also make this space feel cramped and less than tidy. With the right furnishings, you can keep messes under wraps and create a cozy space that looks clean and neat. Here are some ideas to consider as you plan to revamp the look of your family room. 

Sectional Couch 

A sectional couch provides ample seating without making the room feel cramped. While you might need extra floor space to accommodate a sofa and love seat, a sectional conserves real estate in your family room. You get plenty of seating in one compact footprint, and sectionals come in a variety of designs to suit your personal preferences. Choose a sectional with a hidden storage compartment to accommodate throw blankets, pillows, and board games to help maintain your clutter-free space. You can also pair your sectional couch with a separate storage ottoman for even more ways to conceal clutter in the room. 

Console Table

A console table is the perfect companion for a sectional couch. The elongated design fits neatly next to either section of an L-shaped couch, providing a spacious alternative to a traditional end table. Choose a console table with shelves or concealed cabinets to provide storage for books, magazines, and other essentials. This keeps everything neatly organized yet still easily accessible as you relax on the couch. You can quickly grab a bedtime story to read to your tots on the sectional sofa or create a display area for your most treasured family photos. With the console table in place, your family room gets extra storage and a perfect accent for your seating area. 

Storage-Friendly TV Stand

TV stands come in a range of designs, but the best choice for your family room will come with plenty of storage space. Concealed cabinets keep gaming consoles and controllers tucked away, and open shelves let you display your collection of DVDs or video games. You can select a TV stand with a built-in hutch to provide even more storage while creating a focal point in the room. Designs with built-in lighting at the top illuminate open shelves to create an upscale look for a perfect finishing touch. Be sure to select a stand sized to accommodate your current television with plenty of room left over for DVD players, cable boxes, routers, and other essential components. 

Storage Baskets

Keeping toy clutter to a minimum can feel like a constant battle, particularly in the family room. You can solve this problem by strategically placing large storage baskets throughout the room. These baskets can be found at your local furniture store, and they come in varying colors and materials to match the rest of your decor. Place one next to your sectional couch or behind it for a quick place to stash toys you find on the floor. You can use smaller baskets under your end tables on either side of the sectional to create a permanent home for kid-friendly games, blocks, and stuffed animals. The chic design aesthetic adds to your overall decor theme while providing plenty of ways to contain toy clutter.