3 Advantages Of Using An Antiques Prop House For Period-Set Movie Scenes

When you are creating a movie set in a previous decade or generation, the little details matter. The furniture pieces and set designs make a big difference in the way the scene comes off in post-production. As you plan out scenes and get ready to film, consider using a prop house for all of your dated options.

The use of a prop house comes with multiple advantages and could become your go-to option when you seek vintage movie props for sale.

1. Fresh Furniture Look

When you shop at a prop house, you will notice that the furniture available is not just vintage, but restored to look like it is fresh from its time period. For example, if you have a scene in the 1950s, you don't want a couch with faded materials and tarnished metal legs. You want the couch to look like it was just purchased in the 1950s.

A prop house understands the purpose of the furniture and can provide you with mint condition pieces that meet your needs for specific scenes. The restoration process ensures colors and materials are true to their times.

2. Authenticity

When you purchase furniture pieces from flea markets or estate sales, you may have to guess what period the pieces are from. When you shop for vintage movie props for sale from a prop house, you can rely on the authenticity of information. Not only will you learn about the year a piece was manufactured, but you can learn about its original geographical location.

For example, dining rooms chairs designed in France may look vastly different than ones from England. The information will help add credibility in scenes and ensure you are not clashing locations or time periods with your set designs.

3. Unique Visuals

When you purchase items from a prop house, you have the opportunity to find unique and one-of-a-kind of pieces. If you shop for replicas from chain stores or websites, then your movie set make not have the unique vintage appeal. While the replicated furniture options may accurately depict certain styles, viewers could recognize mass-produced products.

Along with furniture, you may find unique visuals in the form of art pieces and decor that will help fill a set. A prop house can help you match pieces with specific time periods to ensure accuracy and create a fun set design that reflects characters or themes within a production.

Check out a prop house while you plan out scenes to see all of your options available and really make a difference in your production.