Three Beds That Can Make Kids Excited About Bedtime

For many parents, bedtime for children can be one of the most challenging times of the day. Lots of kids aren't exactly keen to go to bed, and when parents are already tired from a long day, it's easy to get frustrated at your children when they drag their feet. Some parents seek to make bedtime more fun, adding stuffed animals to their children's beds and even using themed sheets and pillowcases. If you like this idea, a big step toward better bedtimes is buying your children beds that they'll be excited to use. Here are three such beds that you'll commonly find at furniture stores.

Race Car

If you have a child who loves race cars, a bed that is shaped like this type of vehicle can be a good option. Lots of furniture stores carry race car beds, and while the color and exact design of this type of bed can vary from store to store, it will undoubtedly excite your child. Commonly, these beds have large faux tires at each corner, a number on each side, and other adornments that support the race car theme. If your child already has racing-related decorations in their bedroom, this bed will be a fun fit.


For a child who loves tales of fantasy, a castle bed can be an ideal addition to their bedroom. This bed commonly has a gray exterior, which can match most children's bedrooms, but you might occasionally find it in other colors. It will usually have turrets at each end and a design that looks like a drawbridge. Castle beds often have a second level for sleeping, which can be ideal for any family that wants to add a bunk bed to one of its children's bedrooms. You might favor this idea if you have two children who share the same room, or simply to prepare for future sleepovers with friends.

Rocket Ship

Many kids love the topic of space. They'll read books about space exploration, play with space-themed toys, and even wear space-themed clothing. If one of your children fits this description, you'll want to shop for a bed that is designed to look like a rocket ship. With a pointed end, fins, and a rocket engine decoration, this is a bed that any space-looking youth will be excited to climb into each night at bedtime. View these and other children's beds at a furniture store in your area.

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