Three Benefits Of Having A Futon

While you can add a futon to many different areas of your home, this piece of furniture will generally be the best fit in your living room. This is a space in which it's handy to have as much available seating as possible, and a futon will easily provide space for two people to sit. When you have an overnight guest, you can convert the futon from a couch-like piece of furniture to a bed, providing a comfortable spot for your guest to spend the night. The biggest benefit of owning a futon is the dual purpose that it offers, but there are several other benefits that you should know.

Effective In A Small Space

While futons come in several different sizes, you'll generally find that they work well in small spaces. Other dual-purpose furniture can be too bulky in a room that is small. For example, while there are advantages of a pull-out couch, it may simply take up too much space in your living room. In some cases, you might need to extensively rearrange other furniture just so that you can pull out the couch. A futon doesn't generally take up as much room when you fold it open, making it ideal in lots of homes.

Quick Conversion

When it's time to sleep or even have a nap, you can typically open a futon up in just a few seconds. Pull-out couches are also fairly quick to open, but you'll need to remove the cushions before you open this type of furniture. Unless you're going to simply throw the cushions on the floor, it may take a moment for you to store them tidily — a process that will lengthen the time that it takes to convert the couch into a bed. Many people favor the simplicity and ease of converting a futon from a couch to a bed.

Light In Weight

If you've ever lifted a traditional pull-out couch, you'll know that this piece of furniture is typically very heavy. This can be a challenge if you're the type of person who moves from home to home fairly regularly. Futons, meanwhile, are often lighter in weight. You can easily remove the mattress so that you can carry it and the frame separately. Doing so makes it easy to carry a futon through your home when you're moving. Visit a furniture store and check out its selection of futons.

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