Tired Of Bed Skirt Hassles? Bed Skirt Alternatives That Will Make Your Bed Look Great Without Getting In The Way

Many people see bed skirts as the icing on the cake when it comes to bedroom décor, mostly because they dress up the bed and make the room look nice and are great for adding a pop of color to the room. However, traditional bed skirts may not fit well, are notorious for bunching up, and often become dust collectors. Bed skirt alternatives will still make your bed look great, minus all the hassles that come with traditional styles of bed skirts. 

Bed wraps

Platform beds are all the rage in bedroom design and for good reason. They look modern and neat, and they can match any décor. Fortunately, you can still get the look of a platform bed, even if you do not own one, by using a bed wrap around your traditional box spring. A bed wrap fits smoothly around your bed frame and box spring and can be purchased in any color to complement your bedroom design style.

Simply place the wrap around your frame and secure it in the back with the buckles it comes with, and you will have transformed your traditional mattress and box spring into one that looks like a modern platform bed.

Box spring covers

Box spring covers are basic spreads that cover unsightly box springs. They stretch to fit any box spring securely and give it a form-fitted appearance, which also mimics a platform-style bed. Unlike a bed wrap, they do not cover the legs of the bed, but they still give the bed a sleek and updated appearance.

Box spring covers are a cost-effective alternative for dressing up your bed and can be installed with ease. Their stretchy fit means you will worry less about getting a perfect fit, which can be more challenging with non-stretchy alternatives.

Custom bed surrounds

Made to fit your bed, custom bed surrounds are a high-end upgrade to bed skirts and provide an upscale look and feel to your bedroom. Custom made in any color you wish, bed surrounds are a beautiful and fashionable alternative to a traditional bed skirt, and the customization means the fit will always be perfect.

With new bed skirt alternatives available, you can say goodbye to the old traditional dust ruffle style of bed skirts forever. New bed skirt alternatives provide a sleek and modern look to any bed and fit the bed so well that you never have to worry about bunching and shifting again. Keep these tips in mind when looking for bed skirt alternatives near you.