Successful Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

If your company has decided to downsize office space due to many employees now working from home, then hiring a professional office furniture liquidation company will make the moving out process a lot easier.

The liquidation company will come to your site and give you a quote just like a mover or other contractor. If you decide to work with them, a crew will be sent to your offices to clean, disassemble, and move the furniture offsite to another location where it will be sold. In the end, your company will be paid for the difference between the furniture's sales price and the liquidation company's expenses.

In order to ensure your company gets the most money for their furniture assets and the process goes without a hitch, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Opt for a Complete Liquidation

There are two different types of office furniture liquidation companies:

  1. partial liquidation 
  2. complete liquidation

As their names imply, the partial option allows the office furniture liquidators to choose specific items they want to sell while a complete liquidation requires a total liquidation of all items.

While a partial liquidation may increase the sales price of certain items, it leaves you with a bunch of other lower-value items to sell yourself or dispose of.

Since your ultimate goal is to completely clear out the office space, only work with office furniture liquidators who offer a complete liquidation.

Tip: Make Sure the Furniture Liquidation Quote Includes All Aspects of the Project

When you are interviewing office furniture liquidation companies to decide which one to work with, make sure you get a written quote. An experienced liquidator is well-versed in the process and will be able to tell you, in writing, each of the following:

  • how long the liquidation is expected to take
  • what the associated fees will be
  • how to maximize furniture values for resale
  • how the removal company will arrange the move with your commercial building's management

In addition, the liquidation company will compile its own complete inventory of your items. You should compare their list to your own to make sure the match. This way, any discrepancies can be worked out on the spot.

Tip: Give the Office Furniture Liquidation Process Ample Time

Finally, it is important to note that just as you did not furnish your company's office in a day, you also can't liquidate its furniture in a day either. The process of office furniture liquidation takes some time and being prepared for the delay will greatly reduce the stress involved in the process.

The day you are sure you want to move out of office space and liquidate the furniture is the best day to call around and start setting up quote appointments with office furniture liquidators. The process takes a bit of time, so starting as soon as possible is key.

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