3 Reasons To Use Clear Stackable Bins For Garage Storage

After moving into a single-family house, you may now own a garage where you can park your vehicles and store your belongings. While you can store things in standard boxes, you will find it beneficial to consider a long-term storage setup and solution for quick and easy accessibility.

An excellent option is to use clear stackable bins on garage walls and ceiling racks. Learning about their benefits and how to use them will help you get the most out of them.


A major benefit of clear stackable bins is the visibility they provide. Boxes and solid plastic bins do not allow you to see inside, which limits ease of access. Seeing everything inside means figuring out what you want to bring down while looking at a distance.

This will especially come in handy for plastic bins on ceiling racks because these storage areas are harder to access than storage on garage walls.

With total visibility, you can use the front part of each bin to store and display items using color coordination or other strategies. For instance, you can put books or board games along the front edge inside each bin so that you can read their names as soon as you get close to the bin.


Using solid bins makes it important to use outside labels to know what is inside. However, you will gain a considerable advantage with clear bins in creating inside labels. This will help with long-term storage because your labels will not wear down as quickly or as easily.

Outside labels can pick up dirt, dust, and grime or get damaged and become illegible. Clear bins allow you to tape labels on the inside to keep them safe from harm.


Another benefit of clear bins is keeping an eye on the condition of your belongings. While most properly sealed items will not get dirty while inside a storage bin, you will find it helpful to know in case anything happens. For instance, seeing signs of moisture buildup or pest issues in a particular bin early on makes it possible to act early and preserve your belongings.

Whether you have a one-car, two-car, or three-car garage, you may need to pick up a lot of storage bins after investing in storage organization solutions. Using clear stackable bins—like those found at Go Vets—for most or all your garage storage is a smart choice because of their many benefits.