Why A Lazy Susan Kitchen Table Can Be A Good Fit For Your Home

When you visit a furniture store to shop for a new kitchen table, you want to be sure that you buy the right piece. Your family will likely eat thousands of meals at this table over the next several years, so choosing a table that offers the functionality you want will be critical. When you look at different models, you'll occasionally find some that have a built-in lazy Susan. This is a circular piece in the center of the table that rotates 360 degrees. A table that offers this unique feature can be handy in the following scenarios.

Everyday Use

A lot of families place a number of different items on the center of their table that they can use while seated. You might have salt and pepper, various condiments, napkins, and other similar meal essentials. Depending on the size of the table, some of these items can be challenging to reach—particularly for children whose arms aren't very long. When you have a table with a built-in lazy Susan, anyone can rotate this part of the table until the item they wish to reach is immediately in front of them.

Board Games

The kitchen table is also a popular place to play board games. You may play games with your kids at the table, as well as host game nights for adult friends on occasion. One challenge to setting up a board game on a table is that the board will always be upside down for one player. When you have a table with a built-in lazy Susan, each player can rotate the device so that the board faces them when it's their turn. This can help to create a more enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Dinner Parties

Your kitchen table with a built-in lazy Susan can also be an asset at large dinner parties in which people don't sit at this table. If you host groups in your dining room, you might lay out a buffet-style meal on your kitchen table so that people can serve themselves. In this scenario, you can place some of the dishes on the lazy Susan, allowing people to rotate it to more easily reach what they want. Without this feature, people would have to reach across the table to serve themselves, occasionally resulting in spills.

Visit a furniture store in your area to see kitchen table options that come with a built-in lazy Susan.